Hello there!

My name is Tae Yoon Kim and I’m a sophomore in computer science at Purdue University.

I’m currently taking the Software Engineering track and I am also interested in taking the Systems Software track. However, right now, I am trying to widen the spectrum to find what I really want to do.

Personally, I feel like trying out various projects is the best way to find out what really interests me. So naturally, I started some projects with simple a Desktop Application in Java/JavaFX, Android and Web such as React and Node.js.

Currently, I’m working on much bigger web projects, and I’m also learning how to use the Qt framework alongside with a Raspberry Pi project.

As I progress with my projects, I intend to post updates to this blog and I also plan to post projects that I did in school, my thoughts on some subjects other than CS, and even hobbies!

Thanks for coming to my About page!