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Tae Yoon Kim · 김태윤

Hi, I am a junior in Computer Science at Purdue University in the Systems Software and Security tracks. I’m currently interested in embedded systems and specifically device firmware update.


Military Service
2020 Oct ~ 2022 Jul @ROKA

Provided public services at the city office and center for the disabled. Developed an application (Sosizi) to aid in my task while I was in service.

2020 Summer @HAII

Reduced development time of agents by 40% through automation of chatbot flow management for Alzheimer’s disease digital therapeutics. Implemented an internal tool to create chatbot flowcharts, train with Dialogflow, update the trained chatbot agents with a state transition table, and deploy to multiple messenger platforms.

2019 Summer @HAII

Collaborated with a senior developer to develop a chatbot for the English version of digital therapeutics on the Facebook Messenger Platform utilizing Dialogflow’s NLP API with Nodejs & MongoDB. Developed a chat server using Nodejs w/ Socket.IO, multiple UI layouts for chat and user management.


Dialogflow Editor  🚀

A web graphing tool for managing chatbot flowcharts by editing intents and contexts for DialogFlow.

Source Chat

A template server for updating intents on Dialogflow, manage chatbots in multiple platforms through a single agent with an internal state control table, and easily add new platforms using adapters.

React Digraph

A library for creating directed graph editors. Contributed to the open source library to implement node copy/paste on mouse position and the option to disable backspace key to delete currently selected nodes.

A simple logistics web application for delivering monthly news in Wangsimni, Seoul using Naver Maps API.

React Chat

A React component for chat interface with a focus on customization.