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My name is Tae Yoon Kim and I’m a sophomore in computer science at Purdue University.

I’m currently taking the Software Engineering track and I am also interested in taking the Systems Software track. Currently, I am trying out various projects/techs to find what I really want to do.


2020 Summer @HAII
  • Paired with a senior developer, using React and Nodejs, implemented an internal web application and a service that allowed employees to create chatbot flowcharts using the graph editor, automate training with Dialogflow’s NLP API, update the trained chatbot agents using an internal state transition table, and deploy to multiple platforms (slack, facebook messenger, discord) for testing.
  • Don’t have exact numbers on how much it increased productivity but automated a lot of work that were previously done by hand.
2019 Summer @HAII
  • Collaborated with a junior developer and 2 interns to develop a chatbot for teaching primary education on the Facebook Messenger Platform utilizing Dialogflow’s NLP API with Nodejs & MongoDB.
  • With two junior developers, developed a dating app like Tinder but using voice recordings alongside with images.
  • Implemented a chat server using Nodejs & SocketIO and several UI layouts for the chat functionality and authentication.


> 🚧 : Work In Progress
> 🧰 : Actively Maintained
> 🚀 : Demo Available (Click Me!)
> 💖 : Open Source
Dialogflow Editor  🚀

A web graphing tool for managing chatbot flowcharts by editing intents and contexts for DialogFlow.

Source Chat

A template server for updating intents on Dialogflow, manage chatbots in multiple platforms through a single agent with an internal state control table, and easily add new platforms using adapters.

React Digraph 💖

A library for creating directed graph editors.

A simple logistics web application for delivering monthly news in Wangsimni, Seoul using Naver Maps API.

React Chat 🚧

A React component for chat interface with a focus on customization.

A guide to the Universal Century of the animated serie: Gundam.

A simple Go application to keep your free-tier Heroku dyno alive.

Arduino Remote

A quick gist for controlling an LG TV with infrared remote on an arduino device.

A crude PWA weather application.