Graduation and Regrets


I did it. Two weeks ago, I finally got my bachelor’s degree. Four years in college and two years in military service were not short, but they weren’t that long either. With one of the biggest milestones in my life done, I had taken my next step.

Looking back, I’m very satisfied with how the six years went. I made friends, learned cool things, viewed situations from a different perspective, involuntarily started living on my own, and got bombarded with bagels occasionally (literally). It may not sound like an ideal six years, but it sure was a satisfying six years.

I was fortunate enough to have jobs lined up before graduation. I’ve spent quite a significant portion of time over the past few weeks deciding. All the offers seemed to have their perks, and I knew I would look back on this moment in the future with wishful thinking, no matter which path I took. After countless contemplations, I’ve decided to pursue the role that I wanted to study more during undergrad: embedded systems. I know people have mixed opinions on the field, but it is what I want to do for work. I might regret this decision, but let’s just see how it goes. Who knows? I might not regret it at all!

After making the decision and accepting the offer, I feel excited yet anxious for my first job. I’m looking forward to going from an intern to a full-time employee. However, that means more responsibilities and expectations from me. Although the team I will be working with probably knows my capabilities since I went through a lengthy interview, I somewhat worry that I may not be fit for the job. Am I even ready to be a full-timer?

Work starts in a few weeks. There isn’t much I can do at the moment to prepare for what is coming. Rather than fearing the unknown, I am relishing the last summer break I have. This is a decision I won’t regret for sure.

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