This page is a collection of useful resources.

‣ News

    News related to the Linux kernel and more.
  • Hacker News
    Social news website focusing on computer science and entrepreneurship.
  • Embedsys Weekly
    Weekly newsletter on embedded software and hardware articles.
    Various IoT projects from the community.

‣ Books

‣ Art

  • Mono Icons
    A simple open-source icon set. No attribution required.
  • Simple Icons
    Free SVG icons for numerous brands. No attribution required.
  • unDraw
    Free illustrations with custom colors. No attribution required.
  • Text to ASCII Art
    Convert text into ASCII art with hundreds of styles.

‣ Tools

  • Create App
    Frontend build config (Webpack, Parcel, etc.) generator.
  • No-IP
    Limited free dynamic DNS service for quick testing.
  • ngrok
    Expose and test local projects by tunneling.
    Encode & decode JSON Web Tokens.
  • ICANN Lookup
    Look up registration data for domain names and internet number resources.
  • RegExr
    Test your regular expression.
  • Pinout
    Raspberry Pi GPIO pinout.
  • MermaidJS
    Diagramming and charting tool.
  • Elixir
    Web-based Linux cross referencer.

‣ Misc.

  • Neocities
    Collection of cool personal websites.
  • picoCTF
    Place to learn security via capture-the-flag.
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