Unfortunately, I skipped September because I was too busy with my military service. If September was hitting the lowest, October was skyrocketing through the roof 🚀. I cleaned my room, bought some new clothes, made some cool cash selling old books, and read some books that I found while cleaning. Related to CS, I was able to work on the side projects and learn something new!

Starting with the main project: SXC, I got stuck while trying to read/write from the socket at the same time (concurrently). I think my lack of knowledge on threading and the Boost.Asio library which I am using for the networking stuff is the culprit. In the issue that I have opened, I commented a possible solution but haven’t implemented yet.

The Gundam UC side project has most of the frames ready, and I just need to finish filling in the data. Although I am not done filling in the data, I made the website available and anyone can view it by going to gundam-uc.thinkty.net. While putting in some data, especially the ones with fifty or so episodes, I found the design to be a bit unappealing. The long list of episodes isn’t even that informative and seems unnecessary. So, I might remove it in the future. Also, I like showing the preview of the mobile suits but the white background and the differing dimensions between images just isn’t good enough. Instead of chips, I’m thinking of using a carousel to preload the images and make it more mobile-friendly. At this point, some may say that I am focusing too much on design, but I really want to give it my all to make it as beautiful and appetizing as possible so that it mirrors the quality of the Gundam universe.

I started another side project Whiteboard which features a customizable grid great for a homepage. The main focus is learning TypeScript, and I am feeling very optimistic about it so far. Although my initial goal was to have various widgets like weather, clock, and maybe Spotify, but I found it to be too much for a side project. I plan to just implement URL shortcuts with minimal style.

Enough with the side projects, I want to talk about my other networking project which I have been postponing for quite a time now. I am planning on an IOT project using Arduinos and a Raspberry Pi. There will be multiple Arduinos reading sensor values or controlling other modules and communicate with the Raspberry Pi using Bluetooth. The Pi will then be used as a user interface through a form of local website. I recently started learning Golang and Bluetooth protocols and will post an update on a separate post or on the next update.

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