A lot has happened since the last update. I recently started preparing to return to campus. However, there was a slight inconvenience. The deadline for returning students to apply for on-campus housing was way due so I will probably have to go off-campus for 2022 Fall and 2023 Spring 😢. Guess I will have to start looking for off-campus rooms and roommates.

Another bad news is that I lost my phone and lost all the 2FA with it. I don’t know why, but I didn’t save the 2FA backup passwords and had to reset most of my accounts. I even had to create new accounts for some. Losing my Discord account was a real bummer 🤦. Now that I’ve learned a good lesson, I keep all the backup passwords safe and sound.

There has been a major change to the blog. I decided to remove the Korean version of it as it was too much of a hassle to write the same thing in two languages. Some may say that I am lazy, but I like to think it is a strategical distribution of focus. (Nope, just lazy.) In addition to the removal of the multilingual feature, I’m also planning a lot of changes to this website which can be found in the project page at Github.

On the matter of projects, there has been some ups and downs. I was mainly focusing on Warden, an IoT project written in Go & Typescript. At first, I was trying to handle communication through internet and bluetooth. The users will interact with the dashboard through an html page delivered via internet, and the data collection from individual sensors was planned to be done through bluetooth. However, while debugging, I found a lot of issues with the HC-06 bluetooth module which I was using since it was cheap and easy to program with. I bought HC-06 modules from various companies but some seemed to be malfunctioning and wasn’t able to connect with other bluetooth peripherals. So, I moved from bluetooth to wifi using the NodeMCU board instead of the Arduino Nano. I haven’t tested the wifi feature of the board but I am also facing some other issues with the Warden project. Aside from migrating to wifi, I’ve been having trouble detecting the wards in the local area network. Since Warden will not be aware of the individual IP addresses of each wards, in order to communicate with the wards, Warden will need a way to discover the individual wards in the local network. I’m currently planning to use the UDP broadcast method, but there seems to be issues with the firewall. I’m still in the early stages of learning, so it will take some time for me to figure things out.

Overall, I think things are going smoothly compared to last year. COVID is still here, but I’m just used to it now. I hope things will get better in 2022.

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