2022.04 - Foobar, Java Spring


A couple of days ago, I finished working on Heroklock. The goal of the project was to get familiar with the Golang programming language and multithreaded programming using goroutine. Despite having the title of multithreaded programming, the Heroklock application only has two threads… It’s still multithreaded, right? One thread served the HTTP server and the other was set to run at an interval to keep the Heroku apps online. In the end, Golang made it very easy to implement multithreaded applications using the go keyword and the communication between threads were straight forward.

After finishing the project, I was just surfing the web and searching for all things related to programming until I was suddenly invited to Foobar. Foobar is Google’s secret hiring process that challenges the user with multiple programming tasks. The website is invitation-only. So if you want to give yourself a challenge, here is a link that one of you can use. Not so secret now ha!


There are multiple levels in the process and the tasks get incrementally difficult. The tasks were very similar to the questions at Hackerrank and it encouraged me to start preparing for coding interviews as I witnessed my abysmal attempts to solve it. Therefore, starting today, I will put my best effort to complete the 1 week preparation kit from Hackerrank and maybe take another attempt at Foobar if lucky.

While going through Foobar, I mostly used Java to solve questions. Not sure if that affected my YouTube preferences, but as of late, I started getting recommended a lot of videos related to Java. A lot of the videos were related to Spring, a popular Java framework that seems to do everything (idk never used it before) and is used by a lot of places and programs. So, I decided to start a new project using Spring that basically acts as Google Analytics but at a much lower quality that I shouldn’t even call it an analyzing tool 😂. Through this project, I plan to get familiar with actual project development with Java, the Spring framework, and also some minor details such as build tools and more.

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