2022.09 - Courses, Internship, Portfolio


I feel like a sail boat caught in a tide, trying its best not to get sucked into a maelstrom. But, the maelstrom doesn’t look that bad so I am quite confused. I’ve been quite busy applying for the summer internships, doing course assignemnts, labs, the usual college stuff. For the internships, I’ve been getting some coding tests and video interviews, but I wasn’t able to hear good news.. Last week, I quickly formed up a Portfolio website since I thought it would be a great idea to showcase some of my projects. So, I guess I’ll see how it goes.

Recently, I found myself not having enough time for personal projects although I was expecting this would happen as I progressed through the semester. However, I find this quite odd since I start my assignments the day it is released and yet, I do not have much time for personal projects. Although I have been working on some projects, such as Campus Tree which is a habit tracking application for college students to encourage themselves to go to classes and keep track of tasks, I just find it quite hard to allocate time for projects alongside with other things to do. Maybe it might be due to applying to internships, the midterm exams, and the club activities. I hope I get some more time to work on the projects as I’m starting to have project ideas pile up on me.

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