Animal Kingdom: Forgotten Language

3 min

Here is a little plot that just came to my mind and I just wanted to save it here. The plot goes like this:

Thousands of years ago, before mankind was able to communicate like today, ancient animals that are now extinct were intelligent enough to build civilizations and work together.
They were like the humans nowadays.
Ancient animals were able to create kingdoms and nations around the globe and communicate with a proper form of language.
They had a prosper life until disease and war spread throughout the world.
Nations and kingdoms started becoming selfish, ignorant, and doubtful on each other.
Even the people in the same nation started having little and big conflicts to survive in such harsh conditions.

One day, a mad scientist developed a virus that destroyed the section in the brain that handles linguistics and started spreading it everywhere.
The ancient ones did not feel sick.
They just couldn't understand the written words or speak to each other.
As one could not understand the other, panic settled in place along with mass confusion.
Naturally, everything fell apart as words were unable to use and only action was allowed.

The ancient ones all left and some formed packs but none of the packs became as big as one of the nations that stood proud with the achievements that everyone in it made.
The ancient ones became animals that we see today and there were no more unnecessary violence instead of the ordinary "the strong eats the weak" as it has always been there.
In the view of the scientist, the plan worked and everyone lived a life of ignorance with no more hatred.
They just lived a life and died when they had to.
The scientist that made the virus was not affected by the it as the scientist made it.
With the help of the knowledge achieved by the ancient ones, the scientist was able to live forever.
The immortal scientist watched the world so that there is no more hatred.

Thousands of years later, mankind, who were not affected by the virus as they didn't even exist in such form yet, evolved into a form that is similar to today.
People gathered and made nations around the world and through the help of radio transmission, people could communicate with each other and everything seemed peaceful until the same event started happening as thousands of years ago.
The negativity amongst the net and the people started growing and it started bringing the same results as it did before.
The scientist decided that another virus was needed to wipe out the human race.

From here, I couldn’t finish the story as I really didn’t want to introduce a new character to the plot. This short story just came into my mind like thunder and I just wanted to share it here.

After giving it a thought, I think the weather is just too hot here, giving me crazy thoughts.