What I did on my 22nd birthday

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This year has been quite a horrible year so far. It all started with the Australian bushfires and followed a series of unfortunate events. A lot of universities closed their campuses and Purdue (which is the university I am currently enrolled in) was not an exception. However, Purdue kept the dormitories open for students who couldn’t go back home or decided not to go back home. At least that was something thankful for me as I could focus on the academics without having to worry about the difference in timezones, all the crazy things happening in cities, and other potential factors that could distract me. Although I was able to achieve a satisfying result, it certainly was challenging in different ways from the year before. For example, for classes that required group projects, all of my teammates were outside the state so there were days where I had to wake up and get on my computer as quick as possible for meetings. The time difference was a real pain for those situations. Through this experience, I learned that communication is absolutely crucial and I think my thoughts on communication is worth an individual post which I will make in the future. As much as the year is taking a horrible turn, I think it will become a valuable experience under the circumstance that I survive.

Enough with the chitchat, following are the things I did on my 22nd birthday.

      :tada: Created this blog! :tada:

      :tada: Wrote my first post! :tada:

Yes… This year is quite depressing…

Jokes aside, I really did enjoy building this blog with Jekyll and Minial-Mistakes theme. Jekyll was really simple and intuitive to use, yet extremely customizable than I have expected. It took me several days and nights to get to the point where I was satisfied with the result, but I really enjoyed reading through the well-written and extremely helpful documents and tried almost every single configuration options in the config file. As a result, I was able to find myself writing my first post to the blog that I can be proud of and I am extremely happy to open this blog on my birthday. It’s like I have been given myself a birthday gift! Although it lacks some features, I am satisfied with the strong foundation and the idea of adding more features already gets me excited!

I plan to upload posts about some of the projects that I am working on or completed and posts related to computer science. In addition to projects, I plan to talk about my thoughts & opinions on the topics of my interest and also share my favorite hobby! (including games and other activities) Also, I hope to master Markdown to create those fantastic looking blog posts and also to use it to take notes during classes. Markdown really seems simple and organized at the same time which is something I would want to keep my notes like. (Also, I can save trees!)

My goal is to consistently upload posts and make this blog into something that I can take care of for the rest of my life. Now, let’s cheer Meerkatz! :sparkles: :sparkles:

P.S. Meerkats are my favorite animal.