Such negativity everywhere?

3 min

As of late, It seems that there are more negative contents on the internet than ever before. COVID-19, racism, and all types of provocative media on the internet that people post to get views or likes. There are just too much information on the internet and I’ve seen the madness that goes around in the comments section.

Such negative energy really hurts the ones viewing it and I personally think that it affects my life little by little in a bad way. It makes me feel like this world is just horrible and there are demons living amongst us.

However, after giving it time, I don’t think this is necessarily the case. The world really isn’t good or bad. It is just there. The actions that we mark it as bad or unethical just happens and it’s not happening in every meter of the world. It happens for some reason in a specific place and the internet is able to spread it to the smartphones in our hands and also to our desktops.

Sometimes, just putting your phone down for a moment and looking around to realize that the world really isn’t as mad as it seems really gives a weird feeling. Although it doesn’t mean that the world is peaceful, but it also doesn’t mean that the world is mad. However, such things are happening for sure and we must take action when it is necessary, but giving a moment to organize our thoughts is important.

Things are just happening in certain locations at certain times and being able to capture that moment and share it is a double edged sword. We might see violent media that makes us feel sad or angry, and we might also see things that make us feel happy. Usually, those things are all viewed through a single source and it’s that some negative contents just catches us in shock and that event just seems to stay on our memory longer than others.

After realizing this, I can then focus on the positive things on the internet and also in real life. The positive things might be small or big. It can be that I was able to eat my favorite food today or it can be that I was able to live in a safe country with great people around me.

I feel that in times like this, it is crucial than before to not miss the little happiness that we think of as natural in our lives.