Codes in the Arctic permafrost

2 min

I recently stumbled upon the Github Archive Program. It is a program to archive open source projects 250 meters deep in the permafrost of an Arctic mountain. The program has already stored many open source projects and there are some amazing projects such as Linux by Linus Torvalds, Rust, and even React!

These were some of the top projects stored in 02/02/2020 and Github is planning to continuously archive public projects. However, the fact that anyone can store their project if they want was something that really sparked a fire in me. Imagine having your project viewed by mankind (or some other life forms) in the future that could be hundred years or thousand years away Imagine if they found a bug.

In fact, although I have no memory of doing so, I actually did have a repository in the vault already. It was a project equivalent to Hello World for Android and as soon as I found this out, I was embarrassed as hell. Thinking of someone looking at my hello world project and going like Seriously? Do I have to compress this, put it in a tape that will last a thousand years, and take it to the arctic vault?

I immediately unregistered from archiving but I cannot assure that it will be removed… However, this experience gave me a goal:

Make or contribute to a project that you can proudly show it to your [grand]+ child

One day, I will see this happen and register with pride for the project to be archived alongside with Linux.