29 Apr 2024
Linux Bottom Half
The information in this post may not be up-to-date, and it is primarily for my learning purposes. Please feel free to email me with any incorrect information.
24 Feb 2024
Analyzing Homepage Traffic
I’ve recently switched from using Lamdba@Edge to Cloudfront Functions as it was a better option for my use case. I’ve covered it briefly in this post.
10 Jan 2024
Using Cloudfront Functions instead of Lambda
Recently, I had to upgrade the Node.js version on my AWS Lambda function. The function was a pretty simple URI parser which was needed for my homepage to add/remove file extensions to the requested URL. For example, when a user first visits, they probably want to see my homepage which is actually and not the home directory. So, for those cases, a Lambda function (Lambda@Edge) would intervene and update the URI accordingly to ensure that the user sees what they want. To learn more about homepage setup using AWS tools, checkout my other post.
20 Oct 2023
Testing Kernel Modules with Yocto
This semester, I’ve been working on implementing a Linux device driver for a 7-segment display. Using an Arduino to control such a display wouldn’t be too difficult. However, I wanted to implement a device driver for an actual operating system so that I would have some knowledge of how a kernel module works inside the kernel. I think it’s a good learning experience.
31 Aug 2023
Last Summer
This was my last summer as a university student, and since I don’t have plans for graduate school at the moment, it may be my last summer as a student. Overall, it was quite a busy summer due to two internships.
21 Dec 2022
Computer Networks
This semester, I’ve taken the Computer Networks course, and I think it is one of the most valuable lectures to me. So, I intend to write this post to leave some notes for future me and others that might be interested. My goal is to keep it as compact as possible while covering (what I think are) some of the most important components of the network. As the course covered the entire network stack in one semester, I doubt I will be correct on everything, so please let me know.
05 Oct 2022
Using The AWS Cost Explorer
From time to time, I see posts on reddit where a user accidentally gets charged with stupendous amounts of bill due to some mistake they made in the past. I’ve seen a post where a university student allocated an EC2 instance (can’t remember which type of instance) for a senior project, and later forgot to delete the EC2 instance and getting a billing of over several grands. Whenever I saw these kind of posts, I never thought that it would happen to me since I always use free-tier. However, today I learned that I was also liable to those charges.
03 May 2021
Software Threads VS Hardware Threads
Recently, I’ve been reading the Dinosaur Book to learn about the fundamentals of an operating system. As I went through the CPU scheduling chapter, I stumbled upon hardware threads.
26 Nov 2020
How To Start A Project
Few weeks ago, I finished my basic training at Nonsan training center and it’s been about a month and one or two weeks since I thought of projects. At the bootcamp, I was worried that being away from development and society would make myself null. However, I think it was a much-needed break after my internship and an opportunity for me to start new exciting projects.
04 Sep 2020
Switching To Manjaro Linux (+ Installation Guide)
I did it. I made my first distro hop from Ubuntu to Manjaro and I intend to stay (hehehe we will see about that).
17 Aug 2020
When I started getting into web development, I would sometimes run into this error.
04 Jul 2020
Hosting Your Blog On AWS
Few days ago, I was finally able to try out AWS and actually host my blog successfully with https. It took a lot more time than planned but I was able to learn about various services of AWS such as S3, CloudFront, IAM, ACM, and Route53. I know it looks like a lot of services to host a single static website, but they all have their own specific purposes and this is a guide that I am writing so that no one has to go through hours of googling but me. I usually write short 3 ~ 4 minute posts, but I think this one might be one of the longest ones yet.
27 Jun 2020
My First Issue On Github
2 days ago (2020-06-25), I opened my first issue on Github. The issue was related to the graphing component provided by Uber called React-Digraph, which is extremely easy to use and customize.
22 Jun 2020
My Second Internship
It has been a while since I wrote a post. As of late, I have been extremely busy with my new internship. My second internship got way different than my first internship.
04 Jun 2020
Searching With StackExchange
Intro Today, I needed to find an API to search especially for Stackoverflow. I needed this API as it is a core part of my project ‘Darc’. Darc is a note taking web application that I am currently developing to aid students and software engineers. The main feature is to make a note about a bug or a problem that one has encountered. When the programmer encounters that bug later on, they can easily open up Darc and look at their notes. Although this may seem like a task that any other application can do, I intend to make Darc specialized for this situation. Another core feature is to allow the user to search in Darc without having to leave the website. To achieve this, I needed a good search API that can get me and the users satisfying results.
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